Bankers Hill gets five new parking spaces for motorcycles


Ben Verdugo, Operations Manager for the Uptown Community Parking Districtwants the community to know about five new motorcycle parking spaces which have been created in Bankers Hill.

The Uptown Community Parking District has just recently completed a comprehensive curb review of the four neighborhoods of Bankers Hill, 5 Points, Mission Hills and Hillcrest. Starting with Bankers Hill, every single block of Uptown has been surveyed on foot, and potential opportunities for parking have been sent to the City Traffic Engineering department for their review.

The survey identified the following suggestions:
(1) Red curb removal/reductions
(2)Unnecessary curb cuts
(3) Street widths and curbs that can accommodate angled parking
(4)Recommendations for parking-meter price reduction in underutilized areas

As of now, the City has just started the process of surveying Bankers Hill where the parking supply already has been increased, removing a red curb and adding five motorcycle parking spaces on Third Avenue between Maple and Nutmeg, so if you have a motorcycle or want one, you should be aware of this, also for all the necessary equipment for drive safely you can visit The Uptown Community Parking District expects the City to review all neighborhoods within the next two months…after which, the group expects to add to the parking supply in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The group holds board meetings on the second Monday of each month in the Santa Room of the Balboa Park Club. All are welcome.

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