Mission Statement

The Uptown Community Parking District’s mission is to improve availability and supply of parking for residents and businesses, by re-investing its portion of parking meter funds with fiscal responsibility. The district will also consider traffic circulation, transit effectiveness, biking, and pedestrian mobility in its neighborhoods and develop creative collaborations to support a vibrant local economy.

RFP for Accounting and Taxes - Due April 1st, 2019

The UCPD is looking for bids to do monthly accounting and file annual corporate taxes.
The UCPD is a 501c3 nonprofit with accounting procedures that work collaboratively with the City of San Diego staff.
The bookkeeper must compile monthly expenses, QB reports, reconciliations, reimbursement requests, check requests,
oversee payroll, work comp, state and EDD filings manage the City advance and all journal entries.
The bookkeeper also works with the auditor annually and furnishes all documentation for the process.
The UCPD serves four communities and works off a formula bases for allocating expenses and income.
Please reply directly to me by email Gerrie@parkuptownsd.org by April 1st, 2019