Directors are elected from the neighborhoods composing the Uptown District.  The number of directors apportioned to a neighborhood is approximately equal to the revenue generated from that community through the City of San Diego’s Parking Meter Revenue Sharing programs as defined in City Council Policy #100-18.  However, regardless of parking meter revenue generation, no neighborhood shall be allotted more than 50% of the directorships and each neighborhood shall have at least one.


Directorship is apportioned among both businesses and residents as follows:

Neighborhood#Business Members#Resident MembersTotal
Bankers Hill325
International Restaurant Row101
Mission Hills101

Current Directors and their Neighborhoods:

Board of Directors PositionE-Mail
Ben Nicholls- President Hillcrest Business
Roy Dahl- Vice PresidentHillcrest Resident Seat
Cecelia Moreno-Treasurer Hillcrest Business
Susan McNeil Schreyer - SecretaryMission Hills Business
Tim GahaganHillcrest Resident
Steve SaarsHillcrest Business
Natalie VillegasHillcrest Business
Char-Lou Benedict Bankers Hill Resident
Roy McMakinBankers Hill Business
Douglas ScottBankers Hill Business
Megan GarthBankers Hill Resident
Tom FoxBankers Hill Resident
Selina StockleyInternational Restaurant Row Business