Directors are elected from the neighborhoods composing the Uptown District.  The number of directors apportioned to a neighborhood is approximately equal to the revenue generated from that community through the City of San Diego’s Parking Meter Revenue Sharing programs as defined in City Council Policy #100-18.  However, regardless of parking meter revenue generation, no neighborhood shall be allotted more than 50% of the directorships and each neighborhood shall have at least one.


Directorship is apportioned among both businesses and residents as follows:

Neighborhood#Business Members#Resident MembersTotal
Bankers Hill325
International Restaurant Row101
Mission Hills101

Current Directors and their Neighborhoods:

Board of Directors Position
Ben Nicholls- President Hillcrest Business Seat
Roy Dahl- Vice PresidentHillcrest Resident Seat
Susan McNeil Schreyer- Treasurer Mission Hills Business Seat
Tom Fox- SecretaryBankers Hill Resident Seat
Miah EarnHillcrest Resident Seat
Patrick Santana Hillcrest Business Seat
Natalie VillegasHillcrest Business Seat
Paul SmithHillcrest Business Seat
Chris Shaw Hillcrest Business Seat
Peter Raymond Bankers Hill Resident Seat
John KnollBankers Hill Business Seat
Douglas ScottBankers Hill Business Seat
Curtis AllenBankers Hill Buisness Seat
Selina StockleyInternational Restaurant Row Business Seat