Agenda – September 10, 2012



Meeting Agenda

Monday, September 10, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

Balboa Park Club

Santa Fe Room, 2150 Pan American Road West

San Diego, CA 92103


1) Establishment of Quorum, Call to Order, and Introductions

2) Approval of Minutes

3) President’s Report

4) Treasurer’s Report

5) Operations Manager Report

6) Non-Agenda Public Comment

7) Economic Development and Strategies Committee Meeting

8) Ratification of Elected Board Members from Annual Election (Action)

9) Election of Officers (Action)

10)  Modification to FY2013 CPD Annual Plan and Budget (Action)

a) Change the amount specified for “Community Input Workshops” per the Bankers Hill portion of the budget to reflect estimated maximum expenditures of $5,000 and re-allocate the balance of $45,000 to “Reconfigure existing on-street parking/curb cut removal”

b) Acknowledge receipt of the updated narrative which reflects City staff clarification of City review processes and the feasibility of certain elements of the narrative

11) Committee Updates

a) Hillcrest Report

i) Bike Repair Station at Bicycle Corral on 5th/University (Action)

b) Bankers Hill Report

i) Outreach for Walk San Diego’s BestWALK Phone App (Action)

ii) Update on appointee to SANDAG’s Project Committee Advisory Group

for Uptown Regional Bike Corridor (Information)

c) Mission Hills Report

d) Five Points Report

12) Staffing Considerations for Short Term (Potential Action)

a)  Comment from Operations Manager

b)  Closed session discussion[1]


Adjournment – 6:30 p.m. – Unfinished business may be tabled and placed on the agenda of the following meeting.

*The Board may take action on any item on the agenda unless it is

noted as being an “Information Only” Item.


[1] Pursuant to section 54957 of the Brown Act

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