Agenda – HPC – May 28, 2015

Hillcrest Parking Committee Agenda
Thursday May 28, 2015; 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Hillcrest Business Association Office; 3737 Fifth Avenue #202

  1. Introductions and Chair Report
  2. Non-Agenda Public Comment
    Comments are taken from the public on items not on the agenda; time limit of three (3) minutes per speaker
  3. Approval of Minutes – April 2015
  4. SANDAG Bike-way Project / Transform Hillcrest (Potential Action Item)
    Discussion of project status and next steps
  5. Hillcrest Trolley Lunch Loop Pilot (Information Item)
    Service launched Monday May 18th
  6. Renovation (Action Item)
    Review of needs for new website development
  7. Park Hillcrest Marketing (Potential Action Item)
    Review of Park Hillcrest proposals in response to RFP
  8. 1045 University White to Green Curb Color and Time Limit Conversion (Action Item)
    Discussion of current white curb (3 min passenger) and $296 fee to convert to green 30 min limit
  9. Pedestrian Enhancements on Essex (Information Item)
    Review potential project ideas and implementation
  10. Current Projects Updates (Potential Action Items)
    1. Two-Hour Time Limited Parking Zones
      3900 block of Normal Street
    2. Adjust Rates on Normal Street Median Multi-space Meter
    3. Hillcrest Community Collaborative – Transform Hillcrest
    4. Angled Parking Initiative
    5. Validation Program
  11. City Traffic Engineer Updates (Information Item) – Joe Jimenez
  12. Staff Updates on Other Efforts (Information Items)

Anyone who requires an alternate form of this agenda or to arrange special access needs, please contact the UCPD office, 48 hours in advance. Wheelchair accessibility is located via the elevator located at the center of the building (call 619-299-3330 for access). Parking is available on street. To review documents included with this agenda contact the office 48 hours in advance at: 619-846-5754 or email [email protected]

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