Agenda – BHNPC – June 1, 2015

Meeting Agenda
Monday, June 1, 2015 5:00 – 6:30 PM
*Merrill Gardens, 2567 Second Avenue San Diego, California 92103
*Sign in and sign out is required at the front desk of Merrill Gardens

1. Establishment of Quorum, Call to Order and Introductions

2. Non-Agenda Public Comment
Comments are taken on items not on the agenda; time limit of three (3) minutes per speaker

3. Chair’s Report (information item)

4. Approval of May 2015 Minutes (action item)

5. Funding of Loading Zone Permit (action item)
200 Block of Maple at Second Avenue – add angled parking / commercial zone/ red curb reduction to 15’

6. City Updates (information item) – Joe Jimenez, Traffic Engineer

a. 2750 Fourth Ave – white zone removal (work ordered submitted April 14)
b. 1950 Fifth Ave – red zone reduction and meter installation
c. 1927 Fifth Ave – Restore recently removed parking space

7. Angled Parking Initiative (information item)
Update on petition process for South Bankers Hill

8. Walking / Parking Map (information item)
Review mock-up of tri-fold and aluminum sign; discuss distribution of both

9. Residential Parking Permit Program (information item)
Discussion of potential areas and studies needed to recommend programs

10. Old Business (information items)

a. SANDAG Bike-way project – Walk the Walk and Grant for Fourth @ Quince
b. Business Outreach
c. Streetcar Project
d. CP200-17 revisions and crosswalk implementation ideas – MTS stops repositioned
e. City of San Diego Electric Car Charging Station(s)
f. City of San Diego bike parking meter hitches installations
g. Staff updates

Unfinished business may be tabled and placed on the agenda of the following meeting.
Anyone who requires an alternate form of this agenda or to arrange special access needs, please contact the UCPD office, 48 hours in advance. Wheelchair accessibility is located at the main entrance on Second Avenue and parking is available on street. To review documents included with this agenda or any other item, contact the office 48 hours in advance. The office may be reached at: 619-846-5754 or email

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